Plane ferry

Do you wish to ferry your aircraft from or to the USA? Or from any other country? We are here to help!

Ferry an airplane

New plane bought in the USA? Aircraft stuck in Europe due to weather or AOG? Looking for an experimented ferry pilot? We offer solutions!

Our ferry pilots

We have a wide range of professional ferry pilots (CPL / ATPL + IR), qualified on the ferried aircraft. Single, twin, turboprop, VFR and IFR. We can assist you to ferry your jet aircraft (Citation Mustang) or your turboprop (TBM, PC12)


Your aircraft will be fully insured during the ferry flight.

Some extra insurances may be needed: we take charge of finding the best one. Most of the time, you don’t need an extra insurance for short ferry flights: contact us for more information.

Ferry costs

Costs depends on the aircraft type, location of the aircraft and destination. A quotation will be made directly by the crew or the pilot who will take care of the ferry flight.

Some extra costs might be needed: life vests, raft, HF radio, … Our pilots will provide you the most precise quotation.

This website helps you finding experimented crews or pilots to ferry your plane.


Our team of pilots are very experienced with ferry flights all over the world.

Discover our stories and videos of ferry flights before planning yours!

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